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Who Is Chell?


Hello And Welcome!

My Name Is Chell, And I Am A Mom, A Wife, And An Entrepreneur. I Specialize In Handcrafting Organic Skin & Self- Care Products, Such As Soap Bars, Body Scrubs, Body Oils, Soy Candles, Yoni Steam And Much More. My Products Are All Plant Based And Beneficial For All Skin Types. These Products Are Great For Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea And Dry Oily Skin. I Have Been Making These Products Now For About 10 yrs.

My Reasons For Starting….

* I started making my Organic Soap Bars/ Body Scrubs, when my youngest child which is 10 years old now developed a severe case of eczema/dry skin at 4mo old, and my husband was struggling with dry flaky skin. At that time, it seemed nothing the Pediatric Dr. prescribed, or any store-bought creams would work, which is a freaking nightmare for mommies and daddies. I started to do a lot of research and concoctions to figure out my own recipe to help ease these irritations for my little one and my husband. Eventually I came across a recipe that did a 360 on my daughter skin as well as my husband. It was like a miracle, her skin changed dramatically within a few days. She smiled more and wined less. We were getting way more sleep lol. So as time went by, I started just using the same recipe and just adding a few extra ingredients to change up the look of the bars and scents. Eventually I came up with about 8 different ways to make this organic soap, 8 different looks, scents, and feel. If I might add my child is African American. I have many friends outside of my race who children and themselves as an adult had skin issues that watched my journey reached out for help and yes I made bars for them and yes they skin too drastically changed as well.

*Why I Start Creating My Soy Candles. Essential oil Candles are my favorite go to now. For years I spent a lot of money buying candles based off how loud the scent was, and how they looked, until I ran across a BIG issue. During the summer one year, my air conditioning went out yikes lol and it turned out that nothing was wrong with my air conditioner itself however the filter was completely clogged with wax. I was asked do you burn candles regularly I said yes, and this nice guy explained to me that when you burn candles they evaporate right? I’m like yes and he stated and were do you think it goes? O wow never thought about that. So, I did my research on some of these well-known candle stores and their products and realized their candles are not safe. They add extra additives in their products to produce more merchandise and louder scents. I knew then It was time for me to create my own organic candles as well. This was the best decision I could have made. Its like the air in my home is cleaner, I have less headaches, and respiratory issues. My candles are not only therapeutic and uplifting but are made with 100% Soy and all essential oils which gives a clean burn and relaxing scent.

To Add To This My Favorite Thing To Do Is To Garden. Which Is Perfect Because Every Herb & Every Flower That I Naturally Grow Is Incorporated Into My Products! No Additives Added.