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Stimulator• Beard Bundle


Best Bundle for thinning and patchy Bearded areas that won’t connect?

How long does it take to see results from derma rolling?

~See Results As Early As 4 Weeks! In 3 easy steps.


Step 1 - Cleanse your face

Sud your beard and face by using one of our Infused Soap Bars 

-Lemon Lavender Oatmeal 

-Green Matcha Tea & Turmeric

-Mocha Latte Coffee Bar

After Cleansing Face and Beard, Pat dry beard and skin.

Step 2 - Apply Beard Oil

Apply the beard oil included to hydrate, moisturize and infuse your skin.

Put oil specifically on your bald and thinning areas to further encourage new hair growth. 

Step 3 - Use Dermaroller

Start rolling it on spots that experience hair loss and thinning.

Roll the tool across those areas, gently up and down & in a back and forth motion. Avoid pushing down the dermaroller too hard. Your goal is to make sure that the micro-needles penetrate the skin.

Step 4 - Apply Beard Butter and brush and comb in desired style.