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Yoni Rose Bar


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Our Rose Yoni bar is a mild blend of sweet almond oil, shea butter and organic apple cider vinegar. Our Rose Yoni bar is a natural fragrance free soap bar, packed with triple the antibacterial power to rid or prevent vaginal infections . Apple Cider Vinegar is added to balance your PH.
Power to the V!

We garnish the top of our "Yoni bars " with 100% pure herbs, Let them fall into your warm bath, Lay back, Relax and let the herbs penetrate your "Sacred Place"


☑ Apple Cider Vinegar
☑ Sweet almond oil
☑ Non -GMO coconut oil
☑ Shea Butter
☑ Infused Rosemary
☑ Basil
☑ Infused Lavender
☑ Mica Powder pigment is added for attraction, its non - toxic and NOT absorbed by the skin

If You're pregnant or think you're pregnant, please consult with your physician before using!

Note: Handmade soap will last longer if kept dry between uses!

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